Caring Partners Global (CPG) is an inter-denominational charitable organization that seeks to empower and engage under-privileged communities through promoting health and hope, leading to sustainable development. CPG's four areas of focus include health care, education, life skills, and food security with the goal of changing lives, one community at a time.


Over 140 visits are made each month to the Matangwe Hospital by local residents utilizing a range of services which include birthing, early childhood development, immunizations and treatment and support for communicable diseases. Thanks to our partners and donors, we continue to expand our services.

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Life Skills

Having the ability to learn and develop new skills that will enable individuals to obtain gainful employment is a key success factor in building a sustainable future. Opportunities to learn skills such as tailoring, beading and computer basics are held in the community centre.

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The student sponsorship program, which began with the sponsorship of 15 secondary school students in 2006, has grown beyond expectations. As we approach the end of 2019 a total of 225 young Kenyans, almost all of them total or partial orphans, have been recipients of a Caring Partners Global student sponsorship.

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Food Security

Food security continues to be a major concern in the Matangwe area, due in large part to the lack of access to clean water, periods of extensive drought and traditional agricultural practices. Thanks to our generous donors, we have been able to make progress in this area.

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