Meet Our Students:

Testimonials from present students and graduates of the program:

Phenny’s Story

I was one the first three students to be sponsored by the CPG sponsorship programme in Matangwe.  I lost my mother, grandmother and great aunt in a short period of time and as an orphan had little chance of furthering my education goals. But luckily for me, CPG sponsored me through high school, technical school and while attending the University of Nairobi where I graduated with a degree in commerce. Currently I am working as a police detective with National Police Service, in Kenya. Later this year, in December, I will be attaining Masters of Arts in project planning and management from The University of Nairobi.  I want to thank Caring Partners Global, for this great achievement in my life.

Phenny Awuor Onyalo,  a recent graduate of the CPG student sponsorship program – to read all of Phenny’s story please click here…

Timothy’s Story

“I am the eldest son in a family of six children. Sadly, I was orphaned in 2011, dashing my hopes of furthering my education until I heard about the Matangwe sponsorship program offered to bright and needy students. I applied and was granted the sponsorship. This has enabled me to pursue my dream.  Currently I am a first-year student at Kisumu National Polytechnic; undertaking a Certificate Course in Road Construction. If it were not for MCHDP I would not have been where I am today.”

Timothy Juma Omondi, a student in the CPG sponsorship program

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