health care

Caring Partners Global works with the Matangwe Hospital to provide access to comprehensive basic health care services that include inpatient, outpatient and outreach programs with an emphasis on health promotion activities and a specific focus on maternal-child and newborn health and infectious disease prevention, treatment and management. Key areas of activities are:

- HIV/AIDS Education, Testing, counseling and Treatment

- Perinatal care

- Nutrition supplement for malnourished children and

- Immunizations

Partnerships with local health care partners including the Kenya Ministry of Health, District Hospital as a key partner.


Admitted patients in the Matangwe Hospital can subscribe to governmental health insurance & can use their coverage to pay for their needs. While health insurance is made available on a cost-share basis, many members in the community are unable to afford the annual fee of $30 per household of up to 10. CPG is committed to establishing a health insurance sponsorship, as a priority, so that the most vulnerable populations do not have to choose between healthcare and food.

CPG is also committed to aligning itself with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, specifically to Improve Maternal child health outcomes and combating HIV/ Aids, Malaria & other preventable infectious diseases through health promotion and diseases prevention.

CPG vision for Matangwe Hospital, Kenya, is to be a center of excellence for maternal child care.