Education Program

Caring Partners Global (CPG) dedicates itself to having a positive impact on the lives of young, vulnerable children within a remote area of western Kenya. CPG works with the local community and schools within the Matangwe and 16 other Bondo District villages, to identify and increase educational opportunities for children who are socially disadvantaged. Without financial support most of these children would not be able to advance their education. The focus of CPG is to connect children in need with sponsors who can provide the funding for the student at the primary, secondary, college or university level.

Successful intervention has been the result of three main areas of focus involving


1.    A flourishing student sponsorship program

2.    A lunch-time feeding program for primary school children and

3.    Provision of one school uniform each year for these primary school children

Student Sponsorship Program - changing lives, one child at a time!

  • In 2006 the CPG student sponsorship program began with the sponsorship of 15 secondary school students from the Matangwe region. These students were enrolled in Form 1 at boarding schools across Kenya. By 2018, a total of 209 students have had their lives changed through these generous sponsorships.

  • 113 of these students have already completed the sponsorship program. Only 7 students did not graduate from secondary school. 13 students graduated from secondary school and the remaining 93 all graduated from either college or university.

  • In 2018, a total of 96 students are currently being sponsored; 3 in primary school, 45 in secondary school, and 57 attending colleges or universities throughout Kenya.

  • As we enter 2019, new students will be entering Form 1 in January, students in Form 4 will further their education at a post-secondary institution, and a number of college and university students will graduate in 2019.  By that time, more than 200 students will have received student sponsorships through CPG.

How are Students Accepted for the Program?

The Matangwe Community Health & Development Program (MCHDP) provides oversight for the program in Matangwe. Potential recipients of student sponsorships must complete an application and undergo a selection process that include, an interview by staff, a sub-committee of the MCHDP board of directors and a consultative process with respective village elders to verify need. Students are selected based on their results on the national exams that all grade 8 graduates must write, the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (worth 45%), financial need (worth 45%), and citizenship (worth 10%). Most of the successful recipients are either total or partial orphans. At  least 50% of recipients must be female.

Stephen Scott, co-founder of CPG with one of the proud program graduates

Stephen Scott, co-founder of CPG with one of the proud program graduates