School Lunch Program

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The founders of the CPG Education Program recognized that learning is easier on a full stomach. For many of the youngsters in this region, that is not always possible especially in times of severe drought. This, CPG established a lunch-time feeding program that supports between 500 to 600  children that attend Matangwe Primary School and the pre-school children studying at the Matangwe Community Centre. For many of these children that is the only nutritious meal of the day.

Food for the lunch time meal is obtained locally, when available, providing opportunities for farmers and merchants within the region.

A nutritious, lunch-time meal can be provided for one student at a cost of 25 cents. The annual cost for this program amounts to between $25,000 and $30,000 CAD depending on the price of food during a particular year. Therefore, a donation of $50 would provide 200 meals, and since there are about 200 school days in one school year, that $50 donation will provide a nutritious, lunch-time meal for one child throughout the entire academic year.