Caring Partners Global engages the local farmers to learn new agricultural methods using locally available tools in order to improve food security by increasing crop yield, managing existing livestock, especially in this unpredictable weather and rainfall patterns.

Our current areas of focus include:

- soil preparation using local tools and less labour intensive technology such as hand Tillers (tractors)

- crop and seed selection

- kitchen gardens using low technology bucket drip irrigation systems

- domestic animal management for food/income generations (ex: chickens, goats, cows)


The Village-Level Biofuel (VLB) is a pilot project initiated through a partnership between Caring Partners Global and CTX-Green This project was launched in June 2013, and piloted in 6 of the 17 villages with the technical support from both organizations.

Ramani and Geeta ,co-founders of CTX-Green along with the Matangwe Community Health and Development Programme (MCHDP) project staff, received a grant from Grand Challenges Canada, “Stars in Global Health Round 4”. The grant is helping to improve agricultural practices and food security as seen in this short video.

The overall objectives of the VLB Project are to:

- Increased production & cultivation of various oil seeds

- Create sustainable agricultural practices

- Sustain the livelihood of the community members via village-level fuel

The next steps are to expand into an integrated agricultural business that enables local cooperatives to own and operative their own Tiller or oil press, recruit farmers to participate to increase more land cultivated, thus providing income generation and self-reliance.