Caring Partners Global collaborates with local schools and community to identify and increase opportunities for socially disadvantaged children and families such as those with disabilities are orphaned or impoverished. Educational programs include: a school lunch meal at one pilot school, a school uniforms, and a student sponsorship program for primary, secondary and post-secondary education.

Student Sponsorship

The program began in 2006 with the sponsorship of 15 children and expanded to 119 students in 2016.

Out of the 119:
- 4 are in Primary School
- 41 are in Secondary School
- 74 are Post-Secondary School Students (27 in College, 31 in University, and 16 in pursuit of higher education)

In addition to the existing 119 students, 43 have already passed through the program and many have graduated from college or university. Thank you to the generous support of our donors.

There are many other needy children waiting for a sponsor. Please sign up as a sponsor at $800 Canadian a year and change a child’s life forever.

Are you interested in partnering with us and changing a child’s life?
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Alumni Club

Our graduates have been busy creating and strengthening an Alumni Club, comprised of all the students who have passed through our sponsorship program. They are committed to giving back to their own community and changing others’ lives.

CPG’s aim of the Alumni Club is to encourage networking among our graduates and current students, sponsors, CPG and MCHDP.  We have great interest in knowing how the lives of the alumni are unfolding and what their future holds for them and we expect to follow up and share their employment success with you.

The Feeding Program

The feeding program provides lunches to the students, at the Matangwe Primary school located just down the road from the Matangwe Hospital, who would otherwise attend school with empty stomachs. Every day, our lunch program feeds: 450 students at the Matangwe Primary School,
65 young students attending the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program at the Matangwe Community Centre and 32 staff employees at the MCHDP (Matangwe Community Health & Development Program). The cost to maintain this program is approximately $30,000/year.

Uniform Program

We provide one school uniform for each of the students that attend the Matangwe Primary School and the ECD program at the Matangwe Community Centre.

By providing a uniform for each student, all students fit comfortably with the school environment, and no student stands out as being more impoverished than others. The material required for the uniforms is purchased locally, and the sewing students at the Matangwe Community Centre, sew the uniforms. This provides a skills training opportunity for students registered in the sewing program.